Ford Copies Their Biggest Rival on GT Buying Process

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Ford GT Buying Process

So you happen to have half-a-million bucks laying around? Big deal, because according to recent news out of Detroit, that doesn’t guarantee you one of the 250 Ford GTs that will roll out of Dearborn in its first year of existence.

Sound familiar? Rumor has it that Ford has looked at their Le Mans arch nemesis, and adopted a very Ferrari-like ordering system to decide which millionaires get their hands on a 2017 Ford GT.

Amongst the still vague criteria—the Blue Oval ranks the following traits as crucial in the Ford GT buying process: Previous Ford GT ownership. If you own a 2004 Ford GT, you will most likely be given preference above others. Also, will you drive the car regularly? Ford wants new GT owners to care for the car, but also drive it, enjoy it, and even share it on social media.

Ford GT Buying Process

Last but not least. You may own lots of exotics, but how many Ford vehicles have you previously owned? Ford may look at the total number of Ford purchases you’ve ever made!

Luckily, most of us don’t have to worry about meeting such rigorous criteria. If you do, you better start preparing your application packet, as the ownership-inquiry website is due to launch in late February.

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