Ford Considering Aluminum for Next Generation SUVs

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First, they came for the F-150. Next, the world. Or at least the Expedition.

Edmunds made a claim a few weeks back that Ford is considering converting Expedition and the Explorer to an aluminum body a la the F-150. Though, you probably didn’t need a crystal ball to see that coming.

All of the benefits of aluminum—the light weight, the high strength, the resistance to corrosion—applies doubly to the world of SUVs. The Expedition is built on a truck frame similar to the F-150, so why not build the body out of aluminum. It seems like a no brainer. Aluminum body parts cost more, sure, but the weight and gas savings are worth it. Besides, Ford’s already begun building out their aluminum production with the F-150. There’s no doubt in my mind that they begun that plan with aluminum SUVs in mind as well.

Of course, the main driver behind this action is emissions and federal regulations, but in this case that might be a good thing. Future models of these SUVs will likely cost more, but their fuel efficiency has the potential to be leagues better. Even if you don’t care about saving the world, you might save money over the long term.

What’s your opinion on Aluminum bodied SUVs? Will Ford’s aluminum rampage end here? What about the Super Duties?

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