Ford Centurion on 40-Inch Tires Stands Out…and Above Other Vehicles

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Centurion sits high in the sky on a generous lift, giant wheels, and massive tires.

Here’s something you don’t see every day – in more ways than one. It’s not often that you spot a Centurion in the wild. It’s even more unlikely that you’ll lay eyes upon a Centurion like the one shown in this Youtube video from Una Chupadita.

The spacious Centurion SUV was a custom-built competitor to the Chevrolet Suburban of the 1980s and ’90s. Before Ford produced the enormous Excursion, Michigan-based Centurion Vehicles offered the Centurion in two different forms, both of which used Ford F-Series truck and Bronco parts. The C150 was essentially a four-door F-150 with the rear quarter panels, tailgate, and cargo bay cap from a Bronco. The C350 was based on an F-350 and sported the same Bronco hardware. 1992 Ford C350 Centurion on 40s

The white whale you see here is a showroom-shiny 1992 C350 powered by a fittingly large 7.5-liter gas V8. Either this rig was lovingly and obsessively cared for for the past quarter century or it was carefully restored. No matter what, it looks straight and immaculate from its front bumper to its white grille to its elongated sides to its taillights.

As if this Centurion wasn’t already noticeable enough, a California shop made it absolutely impossible not to see. The massive mashup of a body sits on top of a 10-inch lift. That leaves plenty of room for the C350’s new set of gleaming 26″ X 16″ wheels accented with spiked lugs and surrounded by 40-inch off-road tires.

This look may not be for everyone, but it’s nice to see a little-known custom Ford vehicle hasn’t been completely forgotten. This Centurion could have ended up worked to death or driven to a certain odometer reading and left to rust and decompose in a field somewhere. Instead, it’s rolling high above everything else around it – especially Suburbans.

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