Vintage Ford C-Series Garbage Truck Still Hustles

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Dubbed “Old Purple,” the charismatic Ford C-Series garbage truck has become an urban sensation in Goshen, Oregon.

Garbage trucks pretty much look the same nowadays. To make matters even worse, modern haulers even have scary things like mechanical arms that snag your trash can like some kind of post-apocalyptic death robot. You know, that’s why we watch them from inside the house, just in case the unassuming truck is some kind of bloodthirsty Transformer. Not this Ford C-Series!

What we’d rather see roaming our neighborhood on trash day, is this friendly vintage Ford C-Series garbage truck. Appropriately dubbed “Old Purple,” this classic cab-over-chassis supports a GarWood LP-900 rear loaded body, which still requires humans to operate it. After all, this is a vintage truck, you know?


In this unorthodox but awesome video, we get to see “Barney the Dinosaur’s” favorite Ford C-Series in action. All of this goodness is possible thanks to Thrash N’ Trash ProductionsThis YouTube channel proudly proclaims it has been (and we’re not making this up) “wasting away through garbage trucks and heavy metal since 2008.” Those two are the kinds of things you might not imagine going well together, but they kind of do — like vinegar chips and chocolate ice cream.

Regardless of your own eccentric personal tastes, we can all agree that Old Purple is one awesome ride. Plus, it’s pretty cool to find someone so incredibly passionate about the sanitation industry. If you’re a garbage truck connoisseur, you’ll want to also check out Thrash N’ Trash’s social media!

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