Ford C-Max and Others Being Investigated by French for Emissions Problems

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And so it starts. The world was rocked when it was revealed the Volkswagen had sold millions upon millions of cars that were using illegal software to bypass emissions equipment, creating an unfair advantage for them, and adding dramatic quantities of extra pollution into our cities around the world. When the cheat was first unveiled, there was wild speculation that many other automakers were perhaps using the same illegal techniques to pass the ever stricter emissions regulations, and now we have our first evidence that this may be true. As of today, we have a report that Ford, Renault and Mercedes are all being investigated in France for diesel cars that are producing NOx emissions well above their rated levels.

Oh dear.

The three cars that really have the French government concerned are all Renaults, but the Ford C-Max and Mercedes-Benz S-Class are also under investigation. Thankfully Ford isn’t selling any diesel models here in the U.S., so these findings won’t directly affect Ford here in the States.

It still does cause some concern. If Ford is cheating on diesels in Europe, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for the EPA to find that as probable cause to start checking gasoline cars from the brand. VW was also hit with some CO2 issues on gas models, so what would stop the EPA from investigating the EcoBoost motors?

I’m hoping the Ford hasn’t tried to cut any corners there, because a sudden halt of EcoBoost engines from the government over emissions means a halt to machines like the new Ford GT and F-150 Raptor, not mention smaller toys like the Mustang, Focus RS and Fiesta ST.

Here is to hoping Ford has its ducks in a row, and this ends up blowing over quickly.

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