Ford Celebrates Its 100,000 Police Interceptor Built

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It doesn’t matter how many Dodge Chargers or Chevy Caprice cop cars you see on the road, Ford is still the king when it comes to supplying our nation’s police departments with cop cars.

Police departments favor Ford so much so that Ford just celebrated a unique milestone that is definitely impressive.


Since the new lineup of Police Interceptor Vehicles was launched just a few years ago, after the demise of the ever present Crown Victoria, Ford has built over 100,000 new cop cars.

That’s pretty staggering when you consider that the assembly line in Troy can only put out 600-1,200 vehicles per week.


Police departments across the U.S. have the ability to select from 125 different packages, including lighting, wraps and styles of Police Interceptors.

Although seeing as the police get 125 different packages and we don’t, I kind of feel ripped off as a normal consumer. Why do they get 125 different packages and we get like two?

Number 100,000 Police Interceptor will go into service later this year in Chicago.

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