Ford Should Build an All-Aluminum Mustang GT350R

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The Ford Mustang GT350R is quite possibly one of the most amazing things to ever come out of FoMoCo. The new body lines, the 5.2-liter flat-pane crank V8, the magnetic suspension, the carbon fiber wheels and more, all make it an incredible car that should dominate tracks and roads around the world.

It’s so good that even the Corvette guys are worried about it. I’m pretty sure all the Camaro kids have already cried themselves to sleep. It is a rival to supercars of the world, but I think Ford made one tiny mistake when they built it; they still used a lot of steel.

Ford now has the ability to mass produce machines from aluminum thanks to new and fantastic F-150. Why didn’t Ford use that knowledge and ability to make an all-aluminum GT305R? I mean, they went through to trouble to give it the world’s first factory carbon fiber wheels to save weight, why then use heavy steel in the body?

The world has already been amazed by the rumored Nurburgring times of this incredible sports car. Can you imagine how much faster it would be if it weighed 300 pounds less? And yes, I think they could cut 300 pounds. They shaved 700 pounds from the F-150, why couldn’t they cut 300 from a Mustang?

So Ford, if you are reading this, I think the GT350R is insane in all the right ways, but can we make the next one from aluminum please? I just want your super-fast car to be a little faster. That’s all.

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