Ford Bronco Score Leads to Epic Adventure

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Ford Bronco

A bent drag link, charging issue & even death wobble weren’t enough to keep this new Bronco owner from getting her dream ride home!

Most of the time, when you want to buy a vehicle, you head down the road to a local dealer and plunk down your hard-earned cash. But some people yearn for a more adventurous purchase. Some, like Ford fanatic Courtney Barber, want to get to know their new ride intimately. Which is exactly why she traveled all the way from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to El Paso, Illinois, to pick up her 2nd gen Ford Bronco. And then she drove it all the way home!

Ford Bronco

It might seem crazy to some. But Barber did the exact same thing nine years ago with a 1965 Ford Mustang. And she had such a good time driving it 1,400 miles home, she wanted to do it all over again!

“Every morning I would get up and search Internet ads from eBay to Craigslist and back again. I was looking for one from out west to avoid the ‘gifts’ that come with having salt on the roads and moisture in the air. To be honest, I found a few that were within a hundred miles of home in South Carolina, but because of that I wrote them off. I wanted back the adventure that I had nine years ago, hopping on a plane with only a one-way ticket and a dream about owning a Mustang.”

Ford Bronco

Of course, this epic journey wasn’t completely hiccup-free. Her first Ford Bronco find in Washington turned out to be a scam, with retouched pictures hiding its poor condition. When she finally located the perfect truck, her 932-mile drive home didn’t go without a hitch, either. Death wobble, a bent drag link, and a charging issue threatened to derail her journey along the way.

Thanks to the kindness of a few strangers and Barber’s unwavering determination, she arrived home safely. Be sure and read about her entire, fascinating journey over at Ford Performance!

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