Ford Bronco Mega Truck Gets Stuck: Muddy Monday

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Ford Bronco proves to be nearly unstoppable as it storms across the mud bog.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes to us from the CarWarz YouTube channel and it features a full-sized Ford Bronco playing in the mud. This footage was captured at the 2018 Bentley Lake Road Fall Mud Bog and it is packed full of footage of this fifth generation Bronco dominating the slop. However, it also has a quick clip of the monstrous SUV getting stuck, reminding us all that even the nastiest purpose-built mud machines get stuck, so we shouldn’t feel bad when our “normal” vehicles can make it out of the mud.

The Machine

Sadly, there are no details on this Ford Bronco, but the body is clearly from the fifth generation, which ran from 1987 though 1991. These big SUVs were truck-based with a body-on-frame design, so they were excellent off-road performers in stock form, but this rig is clearly far from stock. In fact, the body might be the only thing on this Bronco that came from the factory.

Ford Bronco in Action

In addition to what sounds like a heavily-modified engine, this Bronco has a gigantic suspension and chassis build, allowing it to sit high above the mud. It also has a big, aggressive set of off-road-ready tires, but they aren’t as big as some we have seen and by the time the video ends, we wonder if maybe he couldn’t make use of some bigger, beefier tires.

The Mudding Action

During the course of the first 40 seconds or the last 60 seconds of the video, this Ford Bronco makes short work of the mud bog. The driver hits different points of the bog, varying between thicker, shallow mud and deep, muddy water without any problem. Those 100-or-so seconds where everything is going well shows how capable this Bronco is in the worst possible conditions, but the 20 seconds in the middle reminds us that no one is safe from the mud.

Ford Bronco Stuck in Mud

After blasting easily through most of the holes in this Michigan mud bog, the truck hits one particularly deep, wet hole around the 40-second mark. The driver tries to dig his way out, but he eventually gives up and the video jumps ahead, presumably skipping the part where the truck was pulled to dry land.

From there, it is all clear sailing, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

Ford Bronco Front in Mud

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