Ford Bronco Half Cap Pickup: Pure Turquoise Envy

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1966 Ford Bronco Half Cab

You won’t find any cut fenders, massive lifts, or Coyote power on this Ford Bronco. Just pure, simple excellence.

We here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts are certainly no strangers to beautifully restored/rebuilt Ford Bronco examples from the early days. And yet, every now and then, one comes along and blows our socks off. This incredible 1966 Ford Bronco Half Cab pickup is one such example. And as it prepares to cross the block at Mecum’s Louisville auction this month, it’s certainly worth drooling over the little turquoise stunner.

It might seem a little strange seeing a half cab or even just a Bronco with uncut fenders. We get it. But there’s something undeniably charming about an original, unmodified first-gen Ford Bronco. And was there ever a better color for these endearing little rides than turquoise? We think not. Heck, this thing doesn’t even need chrome or fancy trim. We’re digging the white accents just fine.

1966 Ford Bronco Half Cab

The odometer shows 55,000 miles, which the seller believes are original. Regardless, that didn’t stop the previous owner from putting this beauty through a complete body-off restoration. The winners are us (and the new owner), of course. Because we’re the ones that get to enjoy the fruits of that extensive labor without having to pay for it.

1966 Ford Bronco Half Cab

With a 170 cube 6-cylinder under the hood, you won’t exactly be outrunning all those Coyote-powered restomods out there. Nor will you be climbing rocks like the guys sitting on 6-inch lifts. But you will have a Ford Bronco that’ll never go out of style. And as rare as nice half cabs are these days, we’d also go so far as to say that it’s an appreciating asset. Something you can drive, show off, and enjoy. And what could possibly be better than that?

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