Ford Bronco Family Mud Racing: Muddy Monday

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A pair of classic Ford Bronco mud trucks race down the track with father and daughter taking turns at the wheel.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of bzb and it features a pair of first generation Ford Bronco mud trucks. There are no details on the trucks, but the title explains that the gentleman driving one truck is known as Dozer and the young lady driving the other Bronco is his daughter. A father and daughter mud racing team is fairly unusual to begin with, but when you factor in their classic, topless Broncos – this is a truly unique duo.

Dozer and Daughter VS The Mud

The video begins with the yellow Ford Bronco driven by Dozer making a run down the short, sloppy track. Based on the sound and the ferocity with which this old school SUV rips down the track, it is safe to assume that this Bronco is built for this kind of action. The V8 under the hood sounds incredible and the vehicle breezes through the slop, slinging mud everywhere as it moves along.

Dozer's Ford Bronco Mud Racer

The next clip shows a white Bronco with bigger tires and a female driver, who we can assume is Dozer’s daughter. This rig has taller tires and exhaust extending up through the hood, while seeming a bit less potent than the first vehicle. On this second run, we can see that the pit is much deeper with far more water, making for a much tougher challenge. In fact, after pushing through the first part of the pit, the higher-riding Bronco ends up getting stuck in a deep hole.

Fortunately, the video ends on a good note, with dad making another run in his yellow Ford Bronco, once again rocketing from one side of the pit to the other. We also get to watch this second run by Dozer in slow motion, allowing us to see how the old SUV conquers the deep, thick mud.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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