Ford Bronco II Climbing Rocks: Throwback Thurs.

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It is not uncommon for automakers to feature professional athletes in their television commercials. However, back in 1985, Ford Motor Company did things a little different. The company picked a championship rock climber, Ron Kauk, to talk up the new Bronco II. Maybe the sporting world was different back then. Perhaps Kauk was a household name guaranteed to sell compact sport utility vehicles. But it still seems like a fairly unusual choice.

In any case, like the legendary Kauk, the 1985 Bronco II could climb like a champ thanks to its Electric Touch Drive push button four-wheel drive setup. The classic commercial shows the smaller truck cutting up a mountain pass in rear-wheel drive, and when the terrain gets rocky, the driver pushes the button for 4WD and continues on her way up the hill. All the while, Kauk climbs up a sheer rock wall, reaching the summit just as the Bronco II is parking atop the mountain.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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