Ford Bronco & Classic F-Series Romp in the Snow (Video)

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Old-school Ford trucks are powered by Cummins turbo diesel engines, but they still get stuck.

This week’s Freaky Friday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Brian Bormes and it features a classic Ford F-Series pickup and an old school big Bronco playing in the snow. Each of these trucks are powered by Cummins turbo diesel engines and they are both outfitted with serious off-road tires, but for both classic Fords and everything else shown in action, the deep snow eventually proves to be too much.

Fummins in Action

We don’t have many details, but we know that the classic F-Series pickup and the Bronco are both powered by Cummins turbo diesel engines. Cummins in a Ford makes is a Fummins and in the case of the Bronco, that diesel engine is packing a twin turbo setup while the pickup has a single turbo build. Both trucks are clearly built for off-road fun and in this footage, they are out playing in deep snow with a handful of other vehicles including a couple Jeeps and an old Toyota.

Ford Bronco in the Snow

Getting Stuck

The video begins with the Bronco tearing up a steep hill in the deep snow, followed by the F-Series making a similar climb, but as it passes the camera, we can see that it is actually pulling a Jeep Cherokee. Although the Jeep appears to be modified, it got stuck in the deep snow and while we might laugh at the driver’s need for help from a Ford, we should warn you that everyone eventually gets stuck.

Classic Ford F-Series Stuck

In dealing with snow like this, even trucks with gobs of torque, plenty of ground clearance and the knobbiest tires possible can find themselves hung up, and that video proves that point.

Ford F-Series Pulling a Bronco

Although the Bronco and the Ford truck spend much of the video cruising through the deep snow with black soot pouring from the exhaust, both of them get stuck at some point. As a result, they get pulled out as well, but this still looks like a hell of a lot of fun, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

Classic Ford F-Series in Snow

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