Behold Ford Performance’s Bronco Buggy Racer!

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Ford Performance recently unveiled one of their contenders for the ‘King of the Hammer’s’ off-road race, which will take place in February 2017 on the Means Dry Lake in Johnson Valley, California.

The torturous 165-mile-long, all-day race, is known to be one of the toughest off-road races and expeditions known to man. It covers high-speed sections of flat dry lake beds, as well as rocky and hilly sections with boulders to navigate around, or climb over. This year’s Ford Performance’s Bronco buggy racer will be piloted by none other than, Vaughn Gittin Jr., who’s a multiple Formula Drift champion with his highly-modified Ford Mustang RTR.

buggy racer

While the buggy racer resembles a Ford Bronco, it isn’t one. The body is made out of carbon fiber and styled like an old-school Bronco, so no worries; no Broncos were harmed in the making of this extreme buggy. The build was completed by Jimmy’s 4×4, who’s previously built various ‘King of the Hammers’  racing competitors.

buggy racer

Under the hood lays a ridiculous 600 horsepower Ford Performance 427 V8 engine, which will rocket the lightweight buggy racer through the sand like a bat out hell. Funny enough, due to the exact demands of this race, the massive engine is paired to a 3-speed automatic transmission. Front and rear differentials with super-low crawling rations will also enable the Bronco to crawl over rocks like it’s no one’s business.

Oh, and Gittin Jr.’s Bronco even has a nickname. It’s called, “Brocky.”

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Photos via: [Jimmy’s 4×4]

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