Ford Brings Much Needed Sunshine to Chicago with GT350

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2015 Mustang GT350

If you are lucky enough to live in Miami, you don’t understand the torture of the extremely cold and snowy weather plaguing much of the country. In Chicago, wind off of Lake Michigan can make as bitterly cold as the planet Hoth. But for the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, Ford brought a ray of sunshine to the show. They brought this bright yellow GT350 to show off!

Obviously, the GT350 was going to be available in a variety of colors. During a special engagement in December, I was able to see all of the available colors by way of a display of all the hoods. On a full-blown car though, we’ve only really seen white with blue stripes, and the Liquid Blue with black stripes.

This regular GT350 shows off what the car will look like in bright yellow with the black stripes. While I’m not a huge fan of yellow on the regular 2015 Mustang, I think it looks stunning on the GT350. The black offsets the yellow enough to really create a stunning looking combination. The more I see it, the more I want to drive it!

Special thanks to our friend Bryan Redeker for permission to share the photos. Check out the beautiful gallery below and stay tuned for more fast Mustang news.

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