OINK! Ford Beats Ram Amongst Pig Farmers

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I sometimes joke about the different uses for a Ford pickup truck that don’t actually include work, such as all the different things you can power with the 2015 F-150. But the truth of the matter is, I believe trucks are designed for work and should be used as such. Ford has long touted their sales dominance as proof more people who do real work with their trucks use Ford trucks. Amongst pig farmers, Ford wins out against the folks over at FCA with their Ram pickups.

Over on the PORK Network, they asked their readers to vote on which type of truck they prefer when doing work on the pig farm. Scoring 56% of the vote is Ford. If this were a presidential election, Ford would have been considered a landslide victor.


It’s easy to understand why. The Ford line of pickup trucks are the best selling, longest-lasting trucks on the road. Next week, farmers will be able to feast their eyes on the 2017 Super Duty, which will surely win over some more hearts and minds.

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via [PORK Network]

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