Ford Beats Dodge Again!

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The Reason why this Truck Owner Chose a Ford Over a Ram may just Shock You

The reasons why one would want to buy a Ford over a Dodge are plentiful. Ford trucks are the best-selling vehicles in America. They feature class-leading towing and hauling capability. Add that to class-leading technology and innovation, and the competition seems seriously poor. Still, none of those reasons compelled popular YouTuber Big Truck Big RV (BTBR) to choose a F-450 over a Ram truck.

No, his reason for sticking with the Blue Oval might seem a bit unconventional, but it makes complete sense. Seeking a dually truck, BTBR chose the 2016 F-450 because it was simpler to purchase. Putting aside the typical variables most buyers consider when purchasing a truck, the Ford is just less complicated to buy.

So what exactly does that mean? The Super Duty line of trucks come equipped in a certain number of configurations. Aside from the different trim levels, choosing a diesel narrows down your options quickly. Even the base model – an F-350 2wd Regular Cab, nets a healthy 24,700 pounds of towing capability!

Every single diesel-powered dually that Ford offers is highly capable right out-of-the-box. You don’t need to add a bunch of options or packages. BTBR wanted a decked-out SuperCrew, four-wheel drive dually with a long bed. Ford made that a simple process, and that’s what customers are ultimately looking for.

Dodge, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. There are a whopping 48 different models to choose from when shopping for a heavy duty version of the Ram. Towing capabilities range greatly and start pretty low (around 15,000 pounds). Therefore, why the heck would anybody buy a dually that can’t tow that much anyway?  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of buying a dually?

So there you have it. Ford beats Dodge once again, courtesy of the K.I.S.S. method!

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