Ford Launches ‘Raptor Assault’ Academy for Badasses

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Ford Raptor

Sounds Better than a Scholarship to Jedi School. Buy a 2017 Ford Raptor, Get Free Training in High-Performance, Off-Road Driving at Ford’s ‘Raptor Assault’ Academy in Utah

The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is slowly-but-surely making its way to the general public. But it’s not due to low sales. Quite the contrary. Raptors are so hot right now that dealers can’t keep up with the demand, and the few that have some in stock are being sold at exorbitant prices.

Most truck manufacturers would utilize such popularity as an excuse to squeeze every dollar out of their loyal enthusiasts. But it seems that Ford is doing quite the opposite. Beginning in spring, the car company will be making its “Raptor Assault” instructional program free to all 2017 Raptor owners.

A newly designed component of the Ford Performance Racing School, “Raptor Assault” is a one-day high-performance instructional program backed by Ford. It takes place at the Utah Motorsports Campus in Grantsville, Utah. Attendees receive expert training in off-road driving techniques by Ford Performance Racing School instructors. These include rock crawling and other driving feats that showcase the Raptor’s capabilities. Owners are responsible for travel and lodging, but the cost of the program is covered by Ford.

Ford Raptor

And no, you don’t have to worry about scratching your new Raptor during training. Ford provides the trucks for the training.

Ford Performance Racing School has existed for a few years at Utah Motorsports Campus. Sadly, it was never complimentary to owners, and therefore wasn’t tempting enough for most. In fact, the one-day course price was set at $1,395, and would offer a mere $200 discount to Raptor owners.

According to Ford, the free program offer will start around April and end in November. However, 2017 Raptor owners can begin signing up any time here.

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