Ford Anglia is an Under-Appreciated Classic

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For years, Ford of Britain has helped shape the company’s lineup of cars. While that might not seem to be the case in regards to previous generations of the Mustang and F-Series pickup, the overseas part of Ford has definitely had a hand in creating much of the Ford lineup throughout the company’s history. One such model was the Ford Anglia.

According to Hemmings, while the Model T was loved by the Brits, “the Model A, however, didn’t click with the British market as well as it did in the States, prompting the need for a new Ford model from Dagenham. As a result, the Y-series 8-hp was produced in 1933 and was the first all-British model developed by Ford. Shortly before the outbreak of WWII, Ford announced an update of the Y-series and that car would become known as the Anglia.”

The Anglia was one of the most successful cars to come out of Ford’s Dagenham plant. The small panel van/truck was then slowly turned into a car over the course of a few decades. What you see before you is one of the earlier model panel vans, and doesn’t it look so quintessentially British.

Currently, these types of classics go for anywhere between $9,000-$12,000.  They are definitely worth checking out if you ever come across one.

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