Ford and FOX Collaborate Again on Television Content

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A unique marketing collaboration between Ford Motor Co., FOX and producers of the TV show “Gotham: Wrath of the Villains” puts the Explorer SUV in the prime-time spotlight.

If you caught the recent running of the new season of The X-Files, you’ll have surely noticed the number of Fords in the series. Dana Scully’s personal ride was the fantastic Ford Explorer Platinum. Now, FOX is working with Ford again on their series Gotham, but providing vehicles for special content that’ll air during the the winter season of the series.

Cory Michael Smith, who plays that character of The Riddler on Gotham, takes a Ford Explorer Platinum around the city of New York solving riddles and puzzles, while giving the audience insight into his character, along with others from the series.

2016 Ford Explorer

Each segment is 60 seconds long and will air during the television broadcast of Gotham, and will occur throughout the course of the season. If you’re a fan, it’s something you surely aren’t going to want to miss.

The premiere of the winter season of Gotham starts tonight, February 29th on FOX.

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