Ford Teams with Amazon for ‘In-Car’ Delivery Services

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From package deliveries to mobile car washes, more services will be able to reach connected Ford drivers. 

Don’t you hate when you miss receiving a package because you’re not home? We’ve all been there. In fact, for many of us we are often likely to be in our car or away from home for many services we need. Ford came up with an idea to bring delivery and other services to you via your vehicle, and it is pretty cool.

Amazon and Ford have teamed up for Key by Amazon In-Car delivery service to eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Through In-Car delivery, eligible Ford and Lincoln owners now can have their Amazon Prime packages delivered directly to their vehicles. It’s a convenient, secure way to ensure your packages are delivered to you when you are out for the day, anticipating bad weather, or wondering if your package is safe.

“It’s a convenient, secure way to ensure your packages are delivered directly to you when you are out for the day, anticipating bad weather or wondering if your package is safe,” Lorin Kennedy, FordPass Ecosystem Business Leader for Ford, said in a blog post.

To use the in-car service you only need to download the FordPass or Lincoln Way app, create an account, and activate your car for in-car delivery. Amazon Key app enables in-car deliveries by linking your Amazon Prime account with your FordPass or Lincoln Way account.

Key by Amazon in-car delivery

You receive notifications throughout the delivery process, including a head’s up right before delivery, and confirmation that delivery is complete and your car has been securely locked. And for added peace of mind, the delivery driver verifies that your vehicle has been successfully relocked before proceeding with the next delivery.

Key In-Car delivery is just the first wave of what Ford plans to offer. Through Ford connected vehicle services, other businesses are able to integrate their apps with Ford and Lincoln connected vehicles. This will allow delivery of additional new services to our customers’ vehicles that improve their daily lives.

Spiffy car wash

For example, in addition to Key by Amazon, Ford is also working with several different on-demand car wash services through FordPass and Lincoln Way, to give people the option to purchase car washes from Spiffy, RUB A DUB and Sparkl, wherever these services are available.

Get out of work to find a clean truck with a package inside? Sounds good to us. For more information, check out In-Key Delivery on Amazon.

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