Raptor Scooter in the Works? Ford Acquires a Scooter Company

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Ford Smart Mobility buys Spin, an electric scooter-sharing company that provides customers an alternative for first- and last-mile transportation.

The number of mobility options available to people has risen dramatically in recent years. In some situations, people use multiple forms of transportation during a single trip. The fast-paced, often experimental mobility sector requires businesses to keep up with agile and adaptable customers. At Ford, the products and services we offer need to reflect these changes.

Ford was excited to announce that they are accelerating their efforts to provide micro-mobility solutions with the acquisition of Spin, a dockless electric scooter sharing company based in San Francisco. Spin is a leading micro-mobility service provider, with operations in 13 cities and campuses across the US.

Spin is committed to working hand-in-hand with cities and universities to implement micro-mobility solutions responsibly, safely and sustainably as they expand their operations. They do not launch without permission; they share usage data with cities; and they work with local officials and university campuses to design educational tools around parking and riding rules. This approach aligns well with our values at Ford and with our aspiration to be the world’s most trusted company.

What do you think of Ford making this move towards future mobility solutions?

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