Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 5)

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Installing the thrust washer Installing the cross shaft Reassembly went very well and was straightforward. Thrust washer, then the gear that was in the top of the case goes into the bottom. How place a driver in and install the new shaft block and pinion shafts. Now we add the bias spring assemblies. Add the other driver, side gear, washer and shafts and we are read to put the case cap onto the case.

The reassembly was going too easy. If you remember, the case was a press fit. To get it back on we had to use the bolts to pull it on. Be careful to not put too much stress on the cap. Turn each bolt equally and make sure you use a cross patter so it pulls straight down. Now we had to torque the bolts down, we used a torque wrench and another wrench to hold the assembly still. We torqued them down as per our ford book. 5 hours and counting.

Now position the carrier vertically (we put the nose of it in a coffee can) and place the bearing race on the differential bearings (make sure you use the correct ones, that’s why we marked them). Now install case (and bearings) into the carrier. We then installed the adjusters and caps (one at a time). The trick is to put the mark at the opposite side of where the lock goes and slide the adjuster in. Now rotate it so it matches and install the cap. Now we can do the other side. Now we can torque bearing cap bolts. Now we installed the adjuster locks. 6 hours and we have a complete 3rd member ready for install.

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