Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 3)

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Bearing caps being marked
One very important step that you must do is mark everything. If you don’t mark things you will probably have to take your diff to someone to get it "setup" again.

We marked the bearing caps (different marks on each side). The caps are not interchangeable so don’t cut corners by marking them the same. We then marked the adjusters so we would know where the adjustment locker needed to end up.

Once we had everything marked we removed the adjuster locks. Now we removed the bearing caps. Now slide (or tap) the adjuster up and out and remove the bearing race on the ring gear side. Mark the outside of the race so you can tell which side it goes to. Now remove the differential case and ring gear assembly.

This next section had us wishing we had an impact wrench. It’s time to remove the ring gear bolts. We tried the brass mallet idea but it just didn’t cut it. We ended up using 2 wrenches, one to hold the ring gear assembly from rotating and the other with a cheater bar to break the bolts free. With all the bolts removed you need to remove the case cap (ring gear). The instructions say you may need to pry it up. We found a piece of wood with a hammer made short work of it. This whole last section of removing the bolts and the cap took us almost 2 hours (so much for being done in 3 hours).

Now we remove the pinion shaft retaining pins and remove the pinion shafts, spider gears, side gears, and the shaft block. We marked the side gear that was in the top of the case with a tag so we could put in the bottom of the case when we were done (as per Powertrax instructions).

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