Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 2)

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Exploded view of locker parts

We started this install at around 10:00 a.m. It started out easily enough, We blocked the front wheels and lifted the back end of the van and held up the axle with jack stands. 10:10 and so far so good. The next step we did was to disconnect the drive shaft from the rear end. 2 bolts, then put the transmission in neutral so we can spin the drive shaft to remove the other 2 and down it comes. We did not disconnect the other end and we had no problem working around it. We did mark the drive shaft and the yolk on the rear end so we could put it back the way it was. We then removed all the bolts on the rear end. You remove the bolts around the edge of the pumpkin (out edge). Once the bolts are removed, remove all the washers. If you don't remove the washers, nothing moves. While removing the bolts, make sure you have something under the rear end to catch the oil. It will take a while for the oil to drain. While it is draining, put on the emergency brakes and remove both rear tires and brakes drums. Now remove the emergency brakes and remove the drums. With the drums removed you can pull the 4 bolts holding on each axle. The bolts are located behind the axle shaft flange. Most books we have seen say to use an axle puller. Our axles came out with minimal force (We ended up on our rears when we pulled). Now that the axles are removed, the gear oil should just about be done draining. If it's not, get something to drink.

When its is done draining, position a jack (We recommend a transmission jack) under the 3rd member (a little in front of it). The 3rd member is very heavy. As you pull the 3rd member out it will really move once you get it free. We did not use a transmission jack, but we wish we did. We were both sore for a week after dropping and reinstall the 3rd member by hand. Now get the entire assembly out from under the vehicle. If you haven't already done so, get your drink and relax for a minute. Now comes the hard part. By now it is 11:00 and we feel we are doing all right (neither of us has ever seen the inside of a diff before).

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