Ford 9″ Locker Install (Part 1)

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Installation Manual Cover
Powertrax positive locking differential installed in a Ford 9"

By Mark Strickland

The Powertrax locker was picked up at desert rat off road center. The purchase price was under $300 and since they have a warehouse and storefront in Tucson Arizona, there was no shipping, just tax. Powertrax boasts that the install should take 4 hours or so and that a shade tree mechanic can accomplish this install. We were going to put that claim to the test. A friend and myself trade weekends working on each other’s vehicles. This week happens to be the weekend to work on my van.

Our guinea pig is a 1984 Ford e-150. For those of you not familiar with the Ford line, the e-150 is a � ton, full size van. This van is used primarily as a daily driver, but is taken camping quite often. With an open diff and 2-wheel drive it was no problem getting the van stuck.

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