Is the Ford 6.8L Triton V10 Going Away? Not Necessarily

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F-650/F-750 at Ohio Assembly Plant

With stricter fuel economy and emissions standards coming our way engines are getting smaller and turbocharged. Just look at the current generation of F-150. Turbo engines make up a large portion of the trucks sold. But in some models of Ford trucks, you can still get a big V10 engine. Is it going away any time soon?

Our friends at The Truth About Cars quote a union boss who believes that production is going to end and nothing is going to replace it at the plant. You’ll definitely want to head there to read the whole piece, but I’m not so sure that the V10 is heading to┬áthe big car crusher in the sky.

In the medium-duty F-650 and F-750, there are two engines available. There is a diesel engine and the V10 gasoline. The gasoline engine has several benefits over the diesel.

First, the gasoline engine is lighter. There’s an orange F-650 dump truck making the review rounds that has the V10. Why? Because as configured it weighs just under the weight requirement for the driver to have a CDL. There are businesses out there who think the same way; they don’t want to require their drivers to get CDLs if they don’t have to.

Also remember that the gasoline engine can be converted to run on CNG or other alternative fuels. The diesel can, of course, run on B20 biodiesel, but if a city is already set up for CNG, they might stick with the gasoline for that reason.

Unless the diesel engine gets lighter, I’m not so sure the V10 gasoline engine is going anywhere.

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via [The Truth About Cars]

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