Foot in Mouth: Next Chevrolet Silverado to Use Aluminum?

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Recently, the people over at Chevrolet created a very compelling television commercial with a bunch of guys and a bear. The bear was released into a room with two cages in it; one made of aluminum and one made of steel, and the guys would run into the one they thought was the safest.

That’s just one way General Motors has been attacking Ford’s use of aluminum lately. They also claim that the new F-150 is much more expensive to repair, and that the repair times are astronomical. With all of this data, it’d be silly for Chevrolet to make an aluminum truck, right?

Over at Jalopnik, they’re saying the next generation Silverado will use even more of the material that’s also used in beer cans. Now, will the entire body go aluminum? Probably not.

Increased fuel economy requirements combined with the customer’s desire to be able to haul more and more stuff will mean all the manufacturers will have to look at aluminum as an option, even if they use steel in certain parts of the truck.

It’s a bit ironic that even though Chevrolet is dogging Ford for using the stuff, they’re going to be right on board sooner than later.

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via [Jalopnik]

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