The Stig Drove Me in the New Ford Focus RS and I Cried Like a Baby

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Okay, maybe I didn’t actually cry, but I did slam my head against the B pilar pretty damn hard more than twice. In fact, every time you see the video shake for a split second, that’s my head hitting the B pillar.

Thankfully, the guys at Ford’s test facility made me sign a bunch of liability waivers before hopping in the car; just in case. More importantly, they gave me a head sock, otherwise known as balaclava, and a helmet, and then they shoved me in a 2017 Ford Focus RS with Ben Collins.

Ben Collins isn’t your average supercar driving-experience driving coach, he also isn’t your average race car driver, he’s actually many, many levels above either one of them two. He’s ‘The Stig.’ No really, he’s the actual Stig, or at least he was. Ben Collins is the guy that for many years put on the white Alpinestars suit and Bandit Simpson helmet before getting behind the wheel of the world’s most prestigious supercars. During each Top Gear episode, Ben morphed into the ever-mysterious Stig, who some say is actually a duck.


Anyhow, Ben is truly a nice guy, and we hit it off even more when we found out we had some friends in common, but that’s besides the point. Ben is a heck of a driver (duh), and he made that Ford Focus RS his… well, you know what.

With 350 horsepower and an equal amount of torque going to all four wheels, the Ford Focus RS is by all means a feisty little machine, and Ben proved to me what it’s like to tame all those ponies. Forwards, sideways, all ways, the only way we didn’t go was backwards, but the former Stig threw the RS into tight corners at over 60 mph and simply let the back hang out, only to go into full opposite-lock drift-mode on the wet skid pad.

Besides the skid pad, the wildly banked section of the high-speed oval really got my blood flowing and my pupils dilated. Honestly, I wanted the lap to go on forever, even though my cranium wanted it to be over.

Check out the video, and don’t mind the shakiness!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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