Flashback: Ranger and a Tempo for the Price of One

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gus shaffar two for one ford

This week’s Throwback video features a classic local Ford commercial with the kind of deal that we just don’t see anymore – two vehicles for the price of one.

Back in 1989, Gus Shaffar Ford in Joplin, Missouri was a leading dealership in their area and because of that, they were able to offer a few incredible deals. First and foremost, anyone who wanted to buy a new Ford Ranger for $15,995 would also get a new Ford Tempo, free of charge. A car and a truck for the price of the truck.

Just imagine that back in 1989. Gas prices killing you with your truck? Doesn’t matter, my new Ranger came with a free Tempo that gets great fuel economy.

Also, anyone who bought a new Ford Escort for $12,995 would also get a brand new Ford Festiva for free. You know, for those folks who need two compact economy cars.

In any case, we just don’t see deals like this anymore, so enjoy this bit of classic 80s advertising with two for one vehicles from Gus Shaffar Ford.

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