FLASHBACK 2012 Raptor Takes on All Comers in 4×4 Off-Road Shootout

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We all know and love the Raptor. By far, it’s the coolest truck Ford has introduced [and reintroduced] in a long while. But it’s not alone in the world of factory built, dual-purpose 4x4s. We’ve already seen the Ram Runner get handled by the Raptor, but what about Nissan? Or for that matter, Toyota?

The video seeks to answer that question. They’ve brought out Ford’s SVT Raptor, Nissan’s Frontier, Ram’s Power Wagon, and Toyota’s Tacoma TRD Baja to a battery of tests. I wish they had shown us the entirety of every test, but that probably turn this snappy 5 minute video into a full length motion picture.

Regardless, they break down which ones they liked and which ones they didn’t using both empirical (braking distance, 0-60 times, et cetera) and subjective (“how does the handling feel?”) measures.

How does the Raptor do? Find out below.

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