First U.S. Bound Ford GT40 (PR) Can Be Yours

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I won’t tell you the price just yet, because then you’d most likely stop reading this. First, let’s learn about this very special Ford GT40 PR.

Here’s a list of “firsts” accredited to this very unique unit:

  • GT40 no. P/1028
  • First road car delivered to North America
  • Ford test and evaluation car
  • First Ford North America Public Relations car
  • Early development road specification GT40
  • Same family owned for nearly 40 years
  • The first and only GT40 road car delivered from new with air conditioning, leather trim, luggage boxes, undersealed chassis and painted with a special paint finish.


As if the original Ford GT40s weren’t special and expensive enough, this one hits it out of the ball park with a staggering list of special accomplishments and manufacturer duties. The chassis number P/1028 traveled the United States and Canada doing PR work and growing the army of GT40 fans across the two countries, a fan base that still remains nowadays.

Now, the price. When this beauty drives across the block at the upcoming Mecum auto auction in Monterey, California, experts believe it will bring anywhere from $4,000,000 to $5,000,000. Yes, that’s a lot of zeros, as in—four to five million dollars.


What’s even crazier, is that historians and other industry experts believe that there’s room for financial growth in the future. Many believe it will reach the same level of vintage Ferraris and Bugattis which hover around the 15 to 20 million price mark. Even if it doesn’t reach such astronomical figures, if the future owner nets a 5 million profit in the next 10 years due to this purchase, that’s most likely better than any other stock portfolio move could yield.

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Story & Photos via: [Mecum]

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