First Right-Hand-Drive F-150 Raptor Arrives in the U.K.

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Right Drive Raptor Front 3/4

Clive Sutton offers the first right-hand-drive Raptor in the U.K. after introducing the left-drive F-150 last year.

Ford Motor Company doesn’t market the F-150 in the United Kingdom, but there are a variety of grey market importing firms who can acquire a half-ton pickup for a British buyer. Clive Sutton is one of those companies and in addition to offering the high performance Raptor to English buyers, the London-based automotive specialists can convert the truck to the appropriate right-hand-drive layout used in the U.K.

Clive Sutton and American Performance

In the past few years, Clive Sutton has been discussed in the American performance market for their unique upgrade packages for the Ford Mustang GT. Named the CS500 and CS800, these cars pack more power than the standard Mustang GT, so in addition to acquiring cars that aren’t sold at the local dealership – Clive Sutton will also modify them.

Clive Sutton RHD Raptor Side Open

In the case of the Ford F-150 Raptor, Clive Sutton began importing and selling the high performance pickup in its standard form last year. This included the same left-drive layout that we enjoy here in the U.S., but Brits drive on the right side of the road, so Clive Sutton has become the first to offer a right-hand-drive version of the newest Raptor pickup – the first of its kind in the U.K.

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