Ford Truck Ownership: What Was Your First Modification?

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ford truck

After driving your new baby off the lot, did you modify it right away, or leave it stock?

Ford trucks are among the most powerful, the most efficient and the most capable in the modern market. That being said, the allure of the F-150, F-250 and F-350 is the ease with which they can be modified from mild to wild.

For those looking for a little more performance from their Ford truck, simple first modifications generally include things like cold air intakes, cat-back exhaust systems, and ECU tunes. This is even more true in the case of EcoBoost engines, as opening up the intake and exhaust flow, coupled with a good engine tune can drastically increase power output, while retaining fuel efficiency.

ford truck

If you aren’t interested in going faster with your Ford truck, but you want to make it more capable, new wheels, tires, and aftermarket suspensions give your truck a unique look and abilities. While many wheel swaps are predominantly cosmetic, departing from the stock tires can make the truck handle better in the winter, or when driving in mud or dirt.

Lastly, Ford truck owners who aren’t concerned with improving the performance or capabilities of their new pickup — but still want to customize their vehicle — might opt for interior modifications. The most common interior upgrades include an aftermarket sound systems, or contoured, model-specific floor liners. Also, while this might be considered an exterior modification by some, tinting the windows is another popular option for new-vehicle owners.

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