First-Gen Ford Bronco Lot Is Begging to Be Saved

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Ford Bronco

Want to start a first-gen Bronco collection? Well here’s your easiest–and likely cheapest–way of doing just that.

Love the first-gen Ford Bronco? Ever dream of one day owning an entire collection of them? Well, we’ve found quite possibly the quickest and cheapest way for you to finally realize that dream. Because someone in Vermont is selling eight first-gen Bronco examples right here on Craigslist. There’s just one problem, of course. Not one of them looks to be in very good shape, to say the least.

Yes, it sure looks like whoever buys these Broncos will need plenty of funds on top of the $15,000 asking price just to get one of them in tip top shape. But perhaps there’s enough solid parts between them to build at least one good Bronco? And hey, you could probably sell what’s left over and maybe recoup your money. Maybe. Working in your favor is the fact that first-gen Bronco prices are skyrocketing, at least.

Ford Bronco

The seller does note that the orange Bronco pictured here is in the best shape of all of them. There’s a pretty even mix of cut and uncut fenders, so you’ll have your choice there as well. And six of the eight are V8s, so that’s good news. All were said to be running when they were purchased, but who knows how long it’s been since that happened.

Ford Bronco

Of course, any interested party would also have to transport all of this vintage iron somewhere. Which seems like a big win-win for the seller, and a big headache for any interested buyer. But it’s a huge shame to see all of these classics rotting away, unloved. Thus, we hope somebody steps up and gives them all a new life, in one way or another!

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