Ford Bronco Slowly Evolves into Overland Expedition Rig

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Ford Bronco

What this killer Bronco project lacks in speed it more than makes up for in quality.

Pretty much everyone reading this has some sort of project in the works. But few of us have anywhere near an infinite supply of time or money to sink into those projects. Thus, the process of transforming our beaten up pickups into dream rides takes a little time. That’s certainly the case with Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Tim Young and his first-gen Bronco. But as we found out while perusing his build thread, what Young lacks in time he more than makes up for in talent.

“I have been steadily doing upgrades since I bought this rig several years ago. I’m starting the process of taking the body off and having it repaired and painted. I’m not planning on any severe off-road type stuff. More along the lines of the overland expedition type of off-roading.”

Ford Bronco

Work began with a bit of disassembly and a 4R70W transmission swap. Which, by the sounds of things, should provide a pretty high-tech upgrade over the stock tranny.

“The controller is pretty cool, you can program it with a laptop for shift points and whether or not you want the torque converter locked up.”

The next step was to rip out the interior, which thankfully uncovered some pretty clean floor pans. Still, the exterior tear down revealed some spots that needed repair.

Ford Bronco

Once the Bronco got to the body shop, however, Young received some bad news. Apparently, the work was going to cost quite a bit more than he originally expected. Thus, Young took some paid vacation from his day job and helped the body man do some of the work.

That started with sandblasting and painting the frame. At which time Young revealed his plans for the chassis setup.

“Going long arms in the front, and custom 4-link in the rear. I’m not going coilover though, coil springs and shocks.”

With winter finally in the books, the body sported a fresh coat of Molten Orange Pearl.

Ford Bronco

Plans for the chassis changed, however, and Young decided to stick with the original. Soon, he started collecting parts to beef it up.

“I bought a front diff from a friend. Dana 44 loaded with an ARB locker and CTM axle joints. After I had it cleaned up and painted I found the weld plugs leaking. After some research I decided to weld them up, it might be a temporary fix but I had to give it a try. I also bought some used 35 spline axles from a friend and a Yukon Zip Locker. And then, of course, I needed a heavy duty third member carrier!”

Ford Bronco

As of now, Young is still working on the suspension and currently fabricating the rear 4-link setup. This Bronco project is now nearly two years in the making, but it’s safe to say that wait has been worth it so far. So, be sure and head over here to watch as this killer Bronco build enters its final stages. We’re pretty sure Tim’s four-legged friend will be there too to continue overseeing the project.

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