Finally, Ford F-150 Raptor versus Ram 1500 Rebel

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The Ford Raptor is now a few years old, and the company is hard at work creating the next generation for 2017. The new Raptor will use the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 found in other normal F-150s, however, it will feature upgraded internals to handle more boost and deliver around 435 horsepower.

In the interim though, Ram has taken up arms against Ford’s Raptor and introduced the new Ram Rebel. Like the Raptor, the Rebel features an upgraded suspension capable of handling everything you can throw at it, and a revised front and rear fascia to stand up to the rocks and trees of trails around the country.

The question then becomes, how do these two stack up against each other when you take both out onto the same trail. Has Ram found the answer to Ford’s Raptor? Or does the company need to go back to the drawing board and fix a few things before it can truly take the off-road crown away from the Raptor?

The Fast Lane Truck decided they wanted to find out, so they took the pairing to the Rockies to see what’s what.

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