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  • Fiesta Movement agents are headed in a new direction for their third mission – designing apparel. They will work with fashion athletes and designers from the brand Roxy, to create a design that will go on hats, tote bags and T-shirts
  • Fiesta Movement’s second mission, "We Are the Dreamers of Dreams," had agents teaming up with local bands and radio stations to promote upcoming talent. An event featuring the talent at local hot spots completed the mission, with the Houston team winning the mission
  • Agent content has garnered significant numbers on social media sites – more than 162,000 YouTube views, more than 53,000 Flickr views and more than 7.7 million Twitter impressions


A natural progression from the first phase of the Fiesta Movement, Chapter 2 has 20 teams of two agents out on missions centered on each team’s neighborhood, with agents tapping into their local communities to bring their missions and the 2011 Ford Fiesta to life. Mission three, "Roxy in the House," has agents working with Roxy athletes and local designers to create a design that will be applied to apparel items.


‘Roxy in the House’
Fiesta Movement agents are turning a new page in their adventures, becoming fashion designers. Teaming up with Roxy and a local artist, agents will create designs for T-shirts, hats and tote bags. They’ll even get to sit down with Roxy athletes to brainstorm ideas for their design. From there, agents will be charged with promoting the designs in their local communities, integrating them into media such as posters and urban walls. By blending Fiesta’s personality with Roxy’s fun and active style, agents will create an item that people can connect with. Ford and Roxy will select one agent’s design to be featured as an insert in the summer catalog and as a limited production run to be distributed as a gift with purchase.

The event to close this third mission will be held online and can be anything – a live chat, a streamed fashion show featuring the designed merchandise or a Twitter event. A virtual venue for Foursquare will serve as the check-in location for Fiesta Movement followers.

Throughout this mission, agents will document their adventures and post it on their team pages, where fans and followers can be part of the experience online at The best content will be recognized based on community engagement and online interaction. Then it will be amplified locally and nationally.

Second mission
Agents took a musical route for mission two, "We Are the Dreamers of Dreams," and were asked to find a local musician and help raise that entertainer’s profile in their communities. Agent teams planned a special event in honor of their chosen entertainer to promote the talent and drive awareness.

The Houston agents took first place in the second mission, based on how well they engaged their local community. After searching for Houston’s best talent, the team hosted a battle of the bands and received more than 23,000 RSVPs to the event. Their prize? A trip to Bonnaroo Music Festival, where their band Tyagraja will perform at the Ford Garage. The festival will select two more lucky teams and their bands to attend as well.

Overall agent postings have garnered:

  • More than 162,000 YouTube views
  • More than 53,000 Flickr views
  • More than 7.7 million Twitter impressions


Check out the Houston team here:


"Roxy’s brand perfectly aligns with Fiesta’s personality, so it’s a great way for our agents to work with local designers to create something tangible that will really connect with consumers."

– Connie Fontaine, Ford Brand Content and Alliances manager

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May 20, 2010

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