FE/FT 352 and 360 Big Block V-8 Ford Engines

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The FE/FT 352 cubic inch big block V-8 premiered in 1958 as a replacement for the previous Lincoln Y-block motor. Actual displacement was 351.9 cubic inches (5.8 L) with a 3.5 inch (88.9 mm) stroke and 4 inch (101.6 mm) bore. The two-barrel carburetor version produced 208 horsepower (155.1 kW) and the four-barrel carburetor edition put out 300 horsepower (223.7 kW). Known as the Interceptor V-8 in the base, two-barrel carburetor model, and the Interceptor Special V-8 in the four-barrel carburetor version, these engines were used as standard equipment in a lot of F-series and Econoline trucks from 1965 through 1967. The engines weighed approximately 650 pounds (or 295 kg).


The 360 cubic inch (or 5.9 L) V-8, came out in the 1968 model year and was used as the standard motor in many F-series pickups and trucks. It was a de-stroked 410 motor with a 4.05 inch (102.87 mm) bore and a 3.5 inch (88.9 mm) stroke ““ same stroke as the antecedent 352 engine. The motor was constructed especially for trucks using heavy-duty internal parts. With a 352/390 cam, normally used in passenger vehicles, and special distributor and carburetor adjustments, these gave the 360 performance characteristics similar to a car engine. The 360 two barrel version developed 215 horsepower (160.3 kW) at 420 rpm and 375 lb. ft of torque at 3600 rpm.

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