What’s Your Fave Ford Truck Outside of the F-Series?

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Sure, the F-150 is awesome, and the F-350 is a badass beast. But what would you choose if you had to pick a fave non-F-Series truck or SUV?

The Ford F-Series pickup is not only the most popular vehicle on this website, but it is also the most popular vehicle in the United States, with more than 60,000 sold on a “bad month”. The Ford F-150 is the single-bestselling vehicle in the US, and the Super Duty pickups are the bestselling heavy-duty trucks. So, when asked which Ford truck is their favorite, the odds are good that most FoMoCo fans would pick an F-150, F-250, or F-350.

But what if you had to pick your favorite Ford truck or SUV, and the F-Series pickups weren’t an option? That is where we come to our newest “FTE: Question of the Week.”

Which is your favorite Ford truck or SUV outside of the F-Series family?

On the truck side of things, the Ford brand had the Ranger, and before that, the Courier. While Lincoln offered the Mark LT (which we understand was based on the F-150).

1996 Ford Ranger

From the SUV ranks, Ford and Lincoln have offered a long list of great vehicles, and while many are based on F-Series architecture, they are not technically F-Series trucks. Looking back to the older models, the full-size Bronco and compact Bronco II were hot sellers in their day. In the modern era, the Escape, the Edge, the Explorer, the Expedition, and the Excursion have helped make Ford’s SUVs among the most popular in the industry.

The Lincoln brand has its own lineup of related SUVs with the MKC, the MKX, the MKT, and the long-popular Navigator, along with the not-so-popular Lincoln Blackwood.

Lincoln Blackwood

Finally, throughout the history of the Ford truck, the company has offered some variety of vans, with the Econoline being the top choice for decades before being replaced by the Transit family.

Head into the forums to share your favorite Ford Motor Company truck or SUV outside of the F-Series lineup.

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