Father & Son F-150 Fans Are TV’s Newest Rising Stars

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Twin Turbos | Sneak Peek

There is one WILD ride ahead with Brad and Doug Deberti (Braddeberti). Don’t miss the TWIN TURBOS premiere on February 28 at 10p during Motor Mega Week!

Posted by Discovery Motor on Thursday, February 1, 2018

High-performance racing & custom builds are a family affair for the DeBertis, whose Discovery show, Twin Turbos, premieres this week. 

Many of us have fond memories of father and son projects we’ve completed with our own fathers or our own children. Maybe you’ve built a birdhouse, a Pinewood Derby car, or even some work on your truck. But if you’re Doug and Brad DeBerti, what you build is custom cars and trucks that are designed to win. Whether those trophies come from grueling motorsport victories or rigorously-judged car shows, they’re well-earned. Now, the Debertis will be joining a high-octane lineup during Mega Motor Week on the Discovery Channel with their own show, Twin Turbos., which premieres Feb. 28.

Dad Doug BeBerti has been customizing cars and trucks since he was 15 years old, and started two aftermarket parts companies that he later sold. In 1997, he started DeBerti Designs to engineer his own aftermarket components. Of course, it’s only natural that his sons Brad and Shane would get in on the action. In an interview with the San Luis Obispo Tribune, Brad says, “We were never able to watch TV or play video games. We were always in the shop building things.” While Shane went on to a real estate career, Brad began to chase his dream of racing in NASCAR.

2017 Ford Pre Runner SEMA

Getting his start in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Brad, with his father Doug serving as coach, spotter, crew chief, and whatever else the situation called for, made a big splash. In 2015, Brad won Rookie of the year, winning the championship in 2016.


‘We build custom builds for your average guy. Sometimes we get hired to do high-end stuff like race vehicles or show cars for the major companies.’


When an awful crash in Mexico put Brad’s career on hold temporarily, they turned their attention to building the best custom cars and trucks they could. “We’ve been focusing on our family business and that’s building high-end and one-off cars,” says Brad. “We build custom builds for your average guy,” Doug continues. “Sometimes we get hired to do high-end stuff like race vehicles or show cars for the major companies.”

Okay guys, you might be a little modest on this one. Their builds are highly sought after, and combine pure automotive innovation, design, and artistry. At the 2016 SEMA Show their 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Pre Runner build garnered a Young Gun Award for Brad, as well as the Ford Motor Company Design Award, and Brad placed in the 2016 SEMA Top 10 Battle of the Builders.

But despite the Debertis success in custom builds, Brad hasn’t given up on his dream of racing in NASCAR. Brad’s quest to get back behind the wheel and the the amazing project vehicles turned out by the DeBertis will be the focus of their show Twin Turbos

The show offers an inside look into how they make these incredible cars and trucks, and the fun (and frustrations) they have doing so. We also get to meet other members of the team, including Madera, their sharp-tongued fabricator.

The name of the show comes from the similarities between father and son. “My dad has a lot of energy, so I’m always calling him ‘Turbo,’” said Brad DeBerti. As it became apparent that Brad was set to follow in his father’s footsteps, he was dubbed “Twin Turbo” by Doug.

Twin Turbos premieres on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, February 28.

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