Fastlane Gets the Most out of an F-150

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The Ford F-150 EcoBoost V6 was released in 2011 to great acclaim from critics and professionals alike. As with many other high end trucks from the Ford line up, it wasn’t long before vehicle specialist shops started to engage in the process of tuning the vehicle to help enhance the performance even further. Based in Houston, a company called Fastlane has already stood out for its unique tweaks and adaptations of the vehicle, thereby helping to make it run smoother and faster and to improve elements of the driving experience like handling as well.

Specific Modifications to the Horsepower, Height and More

There are a few modifications that Fastlane has made to the vehicle to help enhance its performance and appearance alike. First, the company added a set of high-flow catalytic converters to the rear wheels, thereby adding 30 horsepower to the engine power immediately. To accompany this change, Fastlane has lowered the height of the truck considerably. Additionally, the company has added a PLX turbo gauge to the A-pillar inside the truck so that drivers can properly monitor the turbo boost levels of the vehicle. Finally, they modified the exterior appearance of the vehicle further by painting the engine cover to match the exterior and adding a protective laminate around the body of the vehicle.

Effective Driving Changes

Though the changes that Fastlane planned were intended to improve the appearance and performance of the vehicle, some professional reviewers found that the adjusted height was a slight concern, though the vehicle still performed excellently on all roads. However, the height adjustment would be a matter of personal preference for any individual customization projects. The other biggest change was a dramatic improvement in the 0 to 60 time, as influenced by the increase in horsepower thanks to the modified catalytic converters. Reviewers clocked the modified truck’s 0 to 60 time at nearly a full second faster than that of two stock trucks that were tested at the same time.

Future Changes

Though Fastlane has already made dramatic changes to the Ford F-150 from the 2011 model year, it assures reviewers that the best changes are yet to come. The most significant upgrade will be to the EcoBoost electronic control unit. Once programmers at the company have been able to solve the encryption on the vehicle computer, it will be easier to modify it. The company plans to replace the stock turbos with high-performance titanium turbos that are lighter and geared for faster spool up processes. This will effectively further enhance the horsepower boost.

Most or all of the changes that Fastlane makes to Ford F-150 trucks can be made by many other body and custom shops that are familiar with these vehicles, upon your individual request.

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