Farm-to-Table Saw: 1948 Ford F-1 Took Six Years to Restore

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Some trucks, like this 1948 Ford, are just destined to be great, regardless of the setbacks. The F-1 was originally a farm truck in Nebraska, but after the original family owners failed to restore it and even rolled the damn thing. It was then sold to another buyer in Kansas, where another restoration was attempted and failed. A broker in Bristol, Conn. purchased it and put it up on Hemmings, which is where the man in this photo found it. That man is Rhode Island resident Peder Johnsen.

This isn’t the first F-1 Johnsen has owned, but it might have been the most tedious to piece together. He used one of the other F-1s he purchased, a 1952, for parts. A friend of his owns a body shop and helped him bang the roof and fenders back to the right shapes, but the hood is from a dump truck. The engine was replaced with a 1968 Ford 289 V8 and that was paired with a C4 automatic transmission. It also has a dual exhaust and 15-inch rims.

The whole process took Johnsen six years to finish, and he’s attempting to reconnect with the original family in Nebraska.

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