Factory-Fresh Ford Raptor Spied on Transport Truck

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New Ford F-150 SVT Raptor on a transport truck.

Whatever year it is, this truck has its full muddy life ahead of it. 

It’s no secret that the Ford Raptor is a hot commodity. Dealers can’t keep them in stock. Late-model trucks change hands for close to their original sticker prices. And the new ones can take months to arrive. So it isn’t much of a surprise that there’s so much of a market for Raptor-esque conversion kits out there.

That’s what makes this thread on Reddit’s r/Ford Trucks so cool. Taken in Ontario, Canada, in late September, this pic shows a load of F-Series trucks heading to a dealership. And of course, there’s a gorgeous Ruby Red Raptor hanging off the back of the trailer.

But there’s some confusion. Because the truck has the 2018 tailgate. Yet if you take a close look, it appears to have ’17 model year taillights. This may be a trick of the camera, but it’s enough to cause some debate among the Redditors on this thread.

User r/duckmuffins is understandably excited. “Where was this?” he asks. “That’s exactly what my 2019 would look like that I ordered. Ruby Red SuperCrew with the stock rims.” Unfortunately, his dreams are quickly dashed. User r/redbroncokid says: “No it’s not. The tail lights are wrong for this to be new. Those are the 15-17 BLIS lights on that raptor and that platinum. Not the 18+ lights. Also the 19 won’t ship till at least November.”

So it may not be a brand new ’19. Hell, judging by the similar taillights on the other F-Trucks, these pickups could be unsold stock, as strange as that sounds. Still, it’s cool to see a factory-fresh Raptor on a transport, its whole life of full of muddy, airborne potential ahead of it.

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