Fact: Military Members Love Ford

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militaryThe years following World War II brought a brand new concept that we are now quite familiar with. A socioeconomic movement primarily influenced by military personnel coming back home after years of war, and deplorable living conditions was only interested in two things: find a spouse, and buy a car. The American Dream.

Ever since then, companies left and right offer huge benefits and incentives (as they should) to our men and women in uniform to motivate them to choose their products over their competitor’s. Well, recent findings show that when it comes to cars and trucks, Ford’s got the lead!

A survey was recently conducted by USAA Рthe United Services Automobile Association, and it found that regardless of the military branch, more active and retired military members own Ford F-150s than any other truck brand or model. Not only that, but the Ford Mustang  has been a muscle car favorite amongst military members for decades.


This prosperous relationship can’t be fully attributed to Ford as a manufacturer, but to the individually owned dealers that many times go above and beyond (as they should) for active and retired military members. Such is the case of the pictured ‘Chris Kyle Edition F-150’, built by Texas-based Ford dealer, Lewisville Autopiler in honor of the most lethal sniper in U.S history.

Are you part of the military? If so, what do you think about this?

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Photos via: [Lewisville Autoplex]

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