Fabrication of a 2 Barrel Carb Adapter for a 4 Barrel Intake (Part 2)

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1984 E-150 with 300ci Inline 6 cyl Carb Adapter problem and solution…

This picture shows how the carb sits on the NEW adapter. You can see the room between the firewall and the carb.
This picture shows the carb when looking from the front. You can see
 the carb was hitting the passenger side of the engine compartment.
Carb on new adapter
Carb on old adapter

As you can see from the picture this placed the carburetor over the center of the 4 barrel mount. This hurt low end performance since it acted like a small tunnel ram intake and it put the carb too close the the passenger side of the engine compartment. You can see from the picture that this was not going to work. My solution was to take a flat piece of aluminum and make my own carb adapter. Instead of have 4 sets of studs (2 for the carb to the adapter and 2 for the adapter to the intake) I decided to share the 2 for the adapter to the intake with the front 2 of the carb. This has the effect of moving the carb forward in a normal v6/v8 motor. In my case it moved the carb towards the motor by 7/8th’s of an inch. I would then have another set of studs going from the adapter to the intake and another set that would go from the carb to the adapter. This has an extra benefit being that since this is a dual plane intake and being a 2 barrel carb that the carb butterflies are now directly over the low rpm runners of the intake manifold. I now no longer have the high rpm runners being fed by the carburetor which means the motor has more low end grunt.

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