Fabrication of a 2 Barrel Carb Adapter for a 4 Barrel Intake (Part 1)

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By Mark Strickland

1984 E-150 with 300ci Inline 6 cyl Carb Adapter problem and solution…

This is a picture of the Old adapter. This adapter would center the carb in the 4 barrel intake. This would put the carb too close to the side of the firewall.
This picture shows the new carb adapter. There is a cutout for the throttle linkage and the 2 studs that hold the carb directly to the adpater are present in this picture. This adpater moves the carb towards the engine by over 7/8"
Carb Damage
Finished adapter

The Factory computer fried and with most of the Wiring and Vacuum hoses gone I figured this would be a good time to upgrade the intake system. The factory carb was a Carter YB-1A (1 barrel carb). I replaced the Factory intake with an Offenhauser 4 barrel dual plane intake. This means there are 2 runners for each port (cylinder).  I found a good (new) Holley 350cfm 2 barrel carb and used a standard 2 barrel to 4 barrel adapter plate.

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