F-350 Owner on Reddit Questions Fuel Economy Readout

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Computed fuel economy numbers aren’t always accurate, but this F-350 isn’t very fuel-friendly.

Redditor “Chief_B33f” recently posted about his new-to-him 2008 Ford F-350. While he is happy with the 1-ton pickup, he asked the community if the 11.3 miles per gallon being reported by the on-board system was reading correctly – seemingly unsure of whether the computer is reporting the wrong number or the truck just isn’t very fuel-friendly.

Anyone with a similar F-350 reading this likely already knows that the second option is the correct one.

The Introduction

When the OP originally shared the information on his 2008 F-350 along with his fuel economy question, this was what he had to say:

“I just bought a 2008 F-350 FX4, 103,000 miles, 5.4l V8, extended cab with shorter bed, 4.10 axles and original factory sized wheels, no lift or anything… Truck is nice, minimal rust, spotless interior, previous owner clearly took good care of it.

Anyways, I mostly drive in the city/suburbs and get out on the highway maybe 2 times a week. The screen on the dash is saying I’m averaging 11.3 mpg. I reset the mpg calculator during an hour and a half trip on the highway and was getting something like 12.5mpg then. Do these numbers sound about right? Anybody else have a similar truck, if so what do your mpg numbers look like?”

In short, he bought a 1-one pickup with the factory off-road package, a gasoline engine with 103,000 miles of use and 4.10 gears and he seems surprised that the fuel economy readout is so low.

Owners Reply

The OP quickly received input from a handful of owners of similar trucks and they confirmed what he feared – that the F-350 isn’t particular fuel-efficient.

“Yep 4.10 gasser that’s what you will get.”

“I have a 2018 F-350 all factory and get 14.9 average without loss. 8mpg with heavy load. So yeah that’s probably about right for yours.”

Yep I have a 2010 with the 5.4 single cab long bed and I’m lucky to get 12mpg, actually just got a boost with my cat failing and being replaced ( FYI this is a known and currently warrantied issue with our years and engine).”

“Yup, seems about right. If you want to check out average fuel economy numbers in the real world for a vehicle, check out the Fuelly database.”

Ways to Improve Fuel Economy

In the long run, there isnt anything that a 2008 F-350 owner can do to make the truck significantly more fuel-friendly, but as one of the other Redditors pointed out, something like a clogged catalytic convertor can play a big role in reducing the performance and fuel economy of a truck like this. With over 103,000 miles on the odometer, the OP’s Super Duty could be in a need of a full tune-up and while that isn’t a magic fix for getting insane fuel economy figures with a 1-ton pickup, things like new spark plugs, a new fuel filter, a new air filter and some sort of injector-cleaning process could help this big Ford get slightly better fuel economy.

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