Muddy Monday: F-250 Takes a Crowd through the Bog

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F-250 creeps through the long trench of deep water while showing off for the ladies.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the Humman Off-Road Adventures YouTube channel and it features a high-riding Ford F-250 playing in the mud. This footage was captured at the Melbourne Mud Madness in Canada back in June 2018 and while it looks like your average successful mud run, the unique aspect of the video is the fact that this truck is carrying five people through the slop.

Whole Lotta Truck

The video begins as the gigantic Ford F-250 rolls into the camera view and comes to rest, giving us a look at the rear end of the truck with the graphics of RPM Designs on the tailgate and the statement “Get noticed”. There is no question that this truck gets noticed, even in a crowd of purpose-built mud trucks.

RPM Designs F-250 Ready

There are no details on this Ford truck, but it clearly has an elaborate chassis and suspension built that allows it to wear the huge tractor tires. As the F-250 prepares to tackle the water, a Jeep Cherokee with big tires drives by in the background and the Ford’s body is above the roofline of the SUV, showing just how high this Super Duty sits.

RPM F-250 in the Water

Carrying a Crowd

This Ford F-250 has a large cab configuration with plenty of room in the back seat. In most cases, rear seat space doesn’t come into play when you are off-roading, but in this case, it allows the owner to load a trio of ladies into the truck for some fun in the mud. The driver even creeps through the mud and at low speed, there is no mud slung into the open windows, so the girls likely stayed clean during this run.

F-250 Unloading

The video ends with the truck parking and the guys helping the three girls jump down from the massive Ford truck.

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