F-150 Owner Waves Goodbye to Truck After Tides Take it Underwater

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F150 flood tide under water

It only took 15 minutes for tides to fully engulf this F-150 that was simply unloading a boat.

It’s something that people have done for decades without incident: unload a boat into a body of water. Simple enough, right? Well, had you told that to Stephen Lutz, he’d agree with you, and share a laugh about how quick-moving tides turned his F150 into a parts truck according to Kings County News.

Lutz was unloading a small boat for a fishing trip in Kingsport, Nova Scotia, following some tracks that had been made by trucks which had just done the same task. He underestimated the quick moving tides, and by the time the boat had been un-strapped from the trailer, the water was already on the rise. Seeing the pending disaster, Lutz attempted to drive out but this ended up digging the wheels into the soft surface. Even some tow rope and another 4×4 weren’t able to extract the truck. Lutz recounted, “I went to pull ahead and she spun, and down it went. The tide was coming in and like within 11 minutes it was under water.”

But this is where the story gets really good. Lutz was down on a fishing trip anyway, and with the truck under water, there was nothing he could do. Even a proper tow and recovery vehicle available, they couldn’t get to it till the tides went down. So how did Lutz spend the 4 hour wait? “We went there to go fishing and there wasn’t a whole lot we could do,” he says.

Lutz saw the humor in the situation and took it in stride. Finishing the trip with a catch of four bass fish meant “it wasn’t a total waste.” But sadly, the F150 will be. Instead of going through the hassle of filing an insurance claim, Lutz will just use it as a parts vehicle.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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